I am an artist specializing in hand-crafted, artisanal pin-ups and comics.

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Updated 7/1/21

  • To request a commission, e-mail me at zdemian@gmail.com

  • Include any particular preferences in your request: poses, viewing angles, expressions, clothing, props, backgrounds, etc., as well as any references, visual or written.

  • Payment is required up-front via Paypal.

  • I generally DO NOT provide any sketches/previews/WIPs. I'll interpret your request to the best of my ability. I will entertain small alterations/corrections within reason after completion.


Black and White

US$25 per character


US$45 per character


US$80 per character

  • Includes a simple background.

  • Multiple characters may be included in the same image.

  • Overly complex/time-consuming backgrounds/props/characters may incur an extra fee.


  • Availability and pricing are on a case-by-case basis.

  • A full script must be provided: it should describe what's pictured in each panel as well as any dialogue or effects that should be included.

  • I will provide suggestions for editing and layout as needed.



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